One Day Your Content May Be Stolen: Preventive Measures

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Easily remembered prompts created especially for you – writing-conscious students!


You are the person to admire! And it’s not an exaggeration, since you made a decision to rely on your never exhausted source of abilities to cope with rather complicated writing assignments.

The lifestyle of the kind is praised a lot, but requires cautious actions to be taken by you. Taking into account, that the number of tough cookies eager to rip off your works is rising madly, you have no other way out, but to keep your eyes skinned and get ready to defend your unique masterpieces. You should be positive about the matter though! As it’s not as difficult as it might seem at first. The key to success is to get into the habit of doing a few simple things able to safeguard you against possible risks.

Treasure Drafts

Whenever you have to come up with a writing task, you’d better save its draft before handing it in. As long as it’s usually done in the form of e-copy, the date and time the document was created and last edited can easily be found in its properties list. 

To make the document look more solid, you may print it out and put your signature together with the date the assignment was complete on all its pages. Still think it’s not enough? Then scan it and store in your private writing database. What for? It may serve as a kind of evidence later on, proving that you are the author. Thus, the rest of subsequent works having the same sort of content are likely to be plagiarized.  

Oops, Forgot To Delete …

Every time you work on your writing assignment on PCs at college, university, library, etc. remember to delete it after the work is done. Being careless about the matter may cause trouble. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of those who will jump at the opportunity of stealing your content, even if it actually doesn’t correspond to the assignment they must complete…  

To tackle the issue, take a flash memory stick with you. However, if it happens so, that you have no other choice, but to save it NOT on your PC, just try to lock the document by means of password and access restrictions. Hopefully, the number of hackers among plagiarists is not so big…

Can’t Stop Showing Off ?

When you succeed in doing something, particularly as complex as writing tasks, the main point is not to show off by publishing excerpts or even whole content of your works online. Otherwise you will tempt cheaters to treat themselves with your victorious pie. 

Any solutions? Sure. Being too overwhelmed with emotions, you’d rather publish a post describing what way you’ve managed to get to the top pest top of the top, so that everybody could understand how hard-working you are and what appraisal you really deserve!

When In Doubt …

If you want to double check your written task, make use of plagiarism checkers. This is a good advice to follow. When in doubt whether your work remains unavailable for other users after plagiarism check is over, contact its technical support team first to find out the exact answer. You’d rather do it via email, which can also be used as a proof, should any misunderstandings occur. 

Being too sociable, please, learn to take control over your wish to give all the details regarding your writing piece away. In this situation it’s more advisable to talk all that’s bothering you only with those, whom you can trust and rely on.

Make Use Of Plagiarism Reports

Upon completion of every plagiarism check, you may store the report, which can serve as one more evidence in case authenticity of your work becomes questionable. 

The plagiarism engine to use may be either the one approved by your educational establishment or the one advised by your teacher. The main thing here is to apply plagiarism detection engine approved by the board of teachers at your college, school or university. In case there is no such tool officially allowed to use, choose the one with good credibility scores.

Well, hope you will find the above tips of some help, since it’s always better to make all necessary precautions long before something troublesome might happen. Agree?

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