How Can You Benefit From Applying A Plagiarism Checker?

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“Genius Borrows nobly.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) U.S. poet, essayist and lecturer


If you are very shy and don’t want anybody to find out about your misdeeds, then make sure whether there is nobody around… All clear? Phew, feeling much more relieved now. So, let’s discuss something rather intimate. 

You might have already guessed by the headline, that it’s going to be about plagiarism. Well, as for confessions to be made… When a student I did cheated and probably you too aren’t as innocent as it may seem. However time flies and your attitudes to plagiarism and cheating should change due to the tough restrictions imposed on written works and what is even more inspiring due to your refined subconsciousness. 

As far as effective tools preventing you from becoming a plagiarism – criminal concerned, you are usually suggested to follow such prescriptions as:

  • getting to know as much as possible about plagiarism, by paying close attention to wh – questions, namely: what it is, why it happens, what can be plagiarized (e.g. based on its types: “1. Copy & Paste Plagiarism, 2. Word Switch Plagiarism, 3. Style Plagiarism, 4. Metaphor Plagiarism,  5. Idea Plagiarism” [3] (for more detailed classification see also, what precautions may be taken to avoid it, what it all may lead to, etc.  
  • learning and using quotation/citation rules appropriately;
  • mastering your paraphrasing skills constantly;
  • double checking all of the references to be mentioned in your papers;
  • relying on ever-living source of your ideas and generating them as fast as the nutty squirrel from the Ice Age cartoon moves. However, it means that you should always keep nourishing your mind and there still won’t be anything to protect you against using somebody’s thoughts just by accident (e.g.: having read them once and mistakenly claiming them as your own), as the saying goes:

“What a good thing Adam had. When he said a good thing, he knew nobody had said it before.” Mark Twain (1835-1910) U.S. humorist, writer, and lecturer.

  • making use of plagiarism detection engines.

As for the last option mentioned above, you may be in doubt whether it’s really helpful. And that’s no wonder, since the number of the engines is growing dramatically and it seems to be difficult to identify the most suitable to you. But you need to be more optimistic about the matter, because a plagiarism detector is designed to make your life easier, and here is a shortlist of reasons able to change your mind if you haven’t dared to use it yet:

  • it helps you save time, nerves and even money. Guess how! Firstly, you don’t need to spend lots of time surfing the I-net in search of matches with your text; secondly, when handing in a paper you needn’t be worried about its quality and authenticity, since you’ve already checked it; and finally, you won’t get punished by paying fines or suffer any other money losses being caught for plagiarism;
  • there are plagiarism checkers allowing you to store reports after verification is complete; you are likely to find it handy, as it provides you with a kind of evidence in case somebody would like to question the originality of your written work;
  • well developed plagiarism detectors give you an opportunity to verify not only your own papers, but also those, which are not created by you; this way you may clearly see what sources are reliable and what are not and draw a black list of the sources not to be referred to even being held at gunpoint;
  • high quality engines have an access to a wide range of sources not limiting only to those which are easily accessible on the Internet, thus enabling you to obtain much more carefully verified text;
  • by applying user friendly plagiarism detection service, you’ll have a chance to see the exact percentage of plagiarism in your papers as well as find plagiarized areas highlighted with a list of references to the original sources; 

All in all a plagiarism checker worth trying out! By the way, there are those, which offer free trials for you to make sure it’s a really good thing.

Should you have any ideas as for must-have-features for plagiarism detection services, please, share!

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