Be Aware! Plagiarized Works Can Be Disclosed!

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Having a criminal lifestyle is tough, isn’t it? Once you decided to break the law, you ought to think over every single detail long before it’ll happen, otherwise you’re more than likely to get a one way ticket to a very gloomy place, e.g.: 

“A man in the US state of Texas has been arrested for allegedly trying to cash a cheque for $360bn (£182bn)” and was found guilty of forgery. [1]

The same sort of things take place when you get into cheating, though it may sound more innocent in comparison to the example cited above. However it will also lead to undesirable consequences. Still don’t want to believe it, as how can teachers always tell when you plagiarize and what exactly is ripped off? In reality, there may be dozens of possible tactics to unmask the deceivers, and here is a list to prove that teachers keep their ear very close to the ground:

Being Shown Up By Your Writing Style

As it was mentioned earlier, details matter much and particularly those concerning your writing tasks. Being either unexperienced or not responsible, you may easily get uncovered, since your original style of writing will differ immensely from that one of somebody else, whose statements you decided to copy-paste. For instance, if the way you usually write is quite simple to perceive, then a high literary style of the passage stolen will make your teacher cast doubts on the authenticity of your paper, and not unreasonably…

Frequently Cited Sources

When asking to prepare any kind of writing assignments, teachers may provide you with a list of sources for further inquiries. Besides, it’s important to realize that your teachers’ awareness of the sources on the subject they teach is not limited to this list at all. So, it means, that your teacher is able to find out all the truth as for originality of your papers, in spite of your attempts to hide it.

Victims Of Trifling Mistakes

Carelessness is your most serious enemy, because as statistics show, most of the mistakes made due to this treat of your character, for example:

  • copy-pasting the list of sources from somewhere paying no/little attention to its numeration with regard to the references made in the text; 
  • introducing no changes into the format of plagiarized excerpts;
  • using out-of-date facts instead of the recent ones, e.g.: 

“If you come across a passage that says something like, “our current president, Bill Clinton,” or “Soviet scientists assert that,” you might be reading a plagiarized paper. Granted, this may also simply be a sign of poor researching skills or plain ignorance, but it’s sure redolent of lazy academic thiever” [2].

  • forgetting to delete website links, etc.;
  • falsely assuming you’ve stolen exactly what you are requested. 

The Dark Side Of Search Engines 

In order to check your writing assignment for plagiarism, teachers may often turn to search engines’ help by verifying not only the content itself, but the references cited too. In addition to this method, a wide range of plagiarism detection services may be used for the same purposes as well.

Plagiarism Checker Report Is Wanted

The number of educational establishments actively using plagiarism checkers is growing very fast. That’s why you may be asked to hand in your paper together with its plagiarism report, clearly outlining the percentage of plagiarized content together with the references to the sources used for stealing ideas from. 

Teachers With A Long-Term Memory

As experienced teachers may have a kind of personal data base with all the titles of works written by students before, you will certainly be caught red-handed once you made a decision to take advantage of your predecessors’ papers.

Be Ready For Questions Attack

It seems that this tactics is one of the most powerful. By putting very tricky questions to students, teachers aim at detecting those who didn’t work hard enough to accomplish a writing assignment relying only on themselves not reaping where they haven’t sown.

Obviously, teachers are up in arms and ready to fight against plagiarists, that’s why you’d better not try it at all! 

Still have doubts about it? Just don’t hesitate to share them right now! You are more than welcome.

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